for valentines day we decided to take a trip to the grand ol' staten island boat graveyard. this has taken the spot as my favorite place to visit in new york. its definitely a full day trip so if you plan to go, start early.

i took quite a few photos, which you can see over at my flickr.


  1. I went to the boat grave yard the other day and never got out to the boats. In fact I took a step out in to the wrong area and ended up sinking in to my waist. How did you get out to the boats? I made my approach via a trail near a cemetery off Arthur Kill. Did you use a boat, different trail, or jump the fence?

  2. you have to go through the yard of the closest house to the graveyard. it leads all the way back around to the boats. but, be careful, its mighty dangerous to climb around all those old wood structures.

  3. sinking in to your WAIST...? bit of an exaggeration there, no?